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Tim's at Lake Anna operates on a first come, first serve basis.

*Separate checks will be limited to 4 per table.

Please, only send one person inside to add name to any waitlist or grab a table to help maintain host seating procedures.

Let your host know:

  • how many are in your party

  • if you'd like to sit inside, outside, or first available

  • special requests, etc.​

It is easier for Tim's to accommodate you if we have all requests up front! Changing requests after adding information to the waitlist will result in longer wait times.


Have a larger group? Tables with 8 or more will be seated at separate tables next to each otherTim's recommends having 1 or 2 members of your party arrive 15-30 minutes ahead of the group to add a name to the waitlist or to use our online waitlist above. Grab an appetizer or a drink at the bar while you wait!

The best times to dine with Tim's to avoid long waits are as we open the doors promptly at 11AM, between 3PM and 5PM, or after 8PM especially with larger groups.

Tim's is trying something new... our waitlist has gone digital! View our current waitlist at any time above or add yourself to the waitlist during peak hours.

Umbrellas (1)_edited.png

Tim's will text you as your table is becoming available. You still may have to wait at the host stand once you arrive. Times appearing on waitlist application are not indicative of actual wait times.


Once sat, Tim's cannot move tables due to waitlist and seating procedures, so please be mindful of the weather. Outside tables all have umbrellas and tents as weather permits; however, tables are not all necessarily "shaded." Umbrellas may have to be closed or removed at any point during dining experience for the safety of guests & staff at the establishment's discretion.

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